Azealia Banks Ends Performance Early Twice In A Week

For the second time in seven days, Azealia Banks left the stage early during a performance at Listen Out Festival.

According to a report, Banks dropped her mic and walked off after a beer can was thrown on stage during her opening song "ATM Jam." The set was reportedly supposed to last 50 minutes.

Listen Out released a statement on the matter.

“Azealia Banks was forced to cut her set short last night at the Listen Out Festival in Melbourne on October 5, 2013,” Listen Out said in a statement. “This was as a result of a member of the audience throwing a full can of beer at her on stage. The incident made Azealia and her stage crew feel unsafe. Banks would like to apologize to those fans in the audience whose experience was affected by the behavior of one individual.”

Banks apologized to fans for leaving the stage early in a Twitter message.

A similar occurrence happened last weekend when a beer can was thrown at the Harlem, New York native 15 minutes into her set.

This year's Listen Out Festival also billed several other acts, including TNGHT, Rufus and Just Blaze.

Watch footage of Azealia Banks leaving her Sydney set below, via YouTube user Rick Summers, as posted on XXL.