Nas Turns 40, Says "It's One Of The Best Feelings I Ever Had"

Nas’ widely lauded classic debut, Illmatic, is now an achievement a half a lifetime in the rear view as the Queensbridge rapper turned 40 years old yesterday (September 14).

Illmatic, which quickly characterized the best aspects of New York City Hip Hop for many fans and critics alike, was released in April of 1994 when Nas was only 20 years old. Nearly two decades later, the rapper, who first made his recording debut on Main Source’s “Live At The Barbeque” in 1991, took some time to reflect on his career and growth at a Hennessy-sponsored birthday party.

Speaking with Hot 97 radio personality Miss Info, Nas both shrugged off and praised the milestone. “I just take it all in stride,” he said. "It really feels like—man, I always grew up around older people. I always talked to older people. So, some of my friends turned 40 a couple of years ago, so they mess with me like I don’t know what it’s like. Now, it’s one of the best feelings I ever had. I’m just blessed. It’s a miracle. I’m so blessed.”