Video Emerges Of Kendrick Lamar Calling Out Meek Mill

Kendrick Lamar appears to have dissed Meek Mill while performing in New York yesterday (September 10). The Compton rapper made a comment, likely referring to Meek Mill, while performing "m.A.A.d. city" in Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, New York, according to

"That goes for new niggas," Kendrick Lamar said on stage. "But there's one. There's one that need to know there's really levels to this shit."

The comment is likely in reference to Meek Mill's song "Levels."

"Lil' nigga we don't rock the same clothes / Fuck the same hoes / 'Cause its levels to this shit," Meek says on "Levels." "Lil' nigga we don't drive the same whips / We don't fuck the same chicks / 'Cause it's levels to this shit / Lil' nigga we don't get the same paper / You a motherfuckin' hater / Boy, it's levels to this shit."