Ryan Leslie's Cadillac Seized After Singer Fails To Pay $1 Million Reward

Nearly a year ago, a judge ordered Ryan Leslie to pay the $1 million reward for the recovery of his stolen laptop.

Leslie reneged on the promise after Armin Augustein, a German man, found the laptop. Leslie would go on to explain that the reason he didn't pay the money was because the music on his machine wasn't there. Augustein later filed a federal lawsuit in New York City, which he won. However, Leslie apparently hasn't paid up.

That's why New York City marshals have seized the singer-songwriter's 2010 Cadillac Escalade, which will go for auction on Monday (September 9), reports NYPost.com.

Though the jury in last year's case ordered Leslie to pay the finder's fee, Leslie has apparently paid only $5,000 thus far.

Court documents claim that Leslie's performances make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The marshals seized Leslie's SUV on August 8, and thus far no other property has been taken.

An ad for the auction says that the vehicle features power steering, power windows, DVD players, and third-row seating.