Meek Mill Explains Business Mindset, Most Concerned With Competition

With an established career at the Rick Ross-led Maybach Music Group, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has begun to branch out with his rap career thanks to his Dreamchasers Sports & Entertainment Summit, a new partnership with Monster, and other business ventures.

While speaking with HipHopSince1987 at the Dreamchasers Sports & Entertainment Summit, an event that brings “together some of the biggest names in both sports and entertainment,” Meek gave fans a look into his business mindset as he shared that he’s more concerned with competition rather than money.

“Man, I just like to make money. I got family to take care of,” the Philly lyricist revealed. “I like working. I like building things from the bottom. So, it’s competition to me. It ain’t really all about the money. It’s really competition. No matter if we playing checkers, soccer, dirt bikes, [wheeling], whatever it is. I just like building things and getting better.”

Prior to addressing his entrepreneurial side, Meek explained why he chose to start the Dreamchasers Sports & Entertainment Summit.

“I just wanted to put something together motivational for Philadelphia. We never really had these things and I’m one of the newest cats that came out of here on his way to success,” said Meek. “So, I just wanted to bring some energy back this way and put people on game with what it takes–in a successful world.”

On top of appearing at his sports and entertainment-inspired summit, Meek will also soon be releasing his much-anticipated Dreamchasers 3 mixtape. During his interview, the Dreams And Nightmares rapper spoke briefly on the project as he commented on Dreamchasers 3 being a mixtape that will infiltrate the clubs and the streets while also “touching the ladies.”

Despite a Fall 2013 release, the cover art for Meek’s Dreamchasers 3 mixtape was released at the top of the year and since that time the release date for the project has been pushed back several times.

After a brief stint at T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, Meek Mill signed to Maybach Music Group in February 2011 and has gone on to release his debut album and a handful of other projects while signed to MMG.