Wiz Khalifa Debuts Converse Collection In Brooklyn

Rapper Wiz Khalifa hosted an event with Converse yesterday (August 24), to celebrate his new collection with the brand.

Wiz was at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, where he officially unveiled the “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Wiz Khalifa” collection.

Wiz’ line features 12 new styles that were created by the rapper and the design team at Converse.

“I was excited to collaborate with the team at Converse because I felt they really got my individual style and vision,” Wiz Khalifa said. “The sneakers in my collection are dope and I’m excited to share them with my fans.”

Wiz also gave a special performance during the event, which also featured DJ Bonics on the turntables.

Check out some flicks from the event below: