Lupe Fiasco- SLR 2 [Response To Kendrick Lamar, Calls Him A Baby]

Lupe Fiasco has released "SLR 2," his repsonse to Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control."

"It's like niggas must forget who the fuck / Sid what the fuck when the fuck / when niggas was still not the fuck," Fiasco raps on the song.

Fiasco also addressed his readiness to engage in various types of "wars."

"I'm fine with all kinds of wars," Fiasco raps. "Knives and swords / Lions, tigers biting boars / Lightning striking viking hordes / Fighting heightened, violence soars."

"SLR 2" also features bars that mention Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Jay Z, a rapper who collaborated with Fiasco on 2006's "Pressure," off of Lu's debut, Food & Liquor.  

"Took two sips of the holy grail then I backed up and I turned around and I bent over and pittooed shit," Fiasco says on the selection. "I love Jay. That's my nigga / I feel sicker than a cruise ship. I ain't competition?  / I don't move shit? The only opposition is this new shit? / These new niggas rappin' like they two. They be acting like they you / Man, that's whoo shit / What happened to the game? / Niggas think they jappin' cause they rappin' like they Wayne / Rappin' like they Chainz / I ain't matchin' them in platinum, but I'm rappin' like I'm flames."

Although Fiasco does not mention Kendrick Lamar by name, it appears that he is referring to Lamar throughout the song, particularly when rapping about what was "said."  

"Now we all heard what he said / But what he said means we dead / And that shit is insane," Fiasco raps. "He's so crazy / Look at the little baby / Nigga, you ain't Nas. Nigga you ain't Jay Z / You will respect me / you will reject me / but I've done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me / SLR. Nigga please / These niggas 'bout to go to work so these bitches gon' have to leave."

The song can be streamed below.