Chief Keef Reportedly Not Worried About Arrest Warrant In Florida

An arrest warrant was issued for Chief Keef in Miami, Florida after failing to appear in court but his manager says the rapper is not worried about it.

According to The Chicago Tribune's interview with Keef's manager, Rovan Manuel, the rapper is "a little upset" but not too worried about legal woes because "you know how people are that smoke pot. They try not to worry about too much."

The warrant was issued after Keef was stopped in Miami for driving a stolen Ferrari convertible. The rented vehicle was not actually stolen, according to Manuel, but officers did find marijuana in Keef's pockets. Keef reportedly told officers he had the marijuana in his right front pocket before being patted down.

Keef was ordered to appear in court for possessing the marijuana but was unable to attend on the date he was given. When the date arrived, the rapper was in jail for violating probation stemming from a previous legal problem, a gun conviction in Chicago, Illinois.  

The Florida warrant will be served if Keef is to step foot in Miami again. Detectives say they "would not travel to Chicago for this type of warrant."

Manuel told the Tribune that Keef is not "the type of person that really worries."

"He likes to do what he likes to do,’’ Manuel added. “He’s a little upset. He still has to fix that problem in Florida but you know how people are that smoke pot. They try not to worry about too much.’’

Below is the Tribune's video clip of Keef walking out of court.

Chief Keef's legal woes have been piling of late. He was recently charged with trespassing in Chicago and arrested with guns drawn, according to his manager. Keef was also served with a speeding ticket after driving over 100 miles per hour on an expressway. The 17-year-old was also recently served with a second paternity suit.

This isn't Keef's first incident involving marijuana. Keef was also arrested near Atlanta, Georgia less than a month ago, after police officers found he was smoking marijuana in a hotel.