Kevin Federline: "Don't Call Me K-Fed"

 Kevin Federline wants to be taken seriously as an MC-and he does not want to be called "K-Fed."

Federline, who first caught the public's eye when he married Britney Spears, has made a point of letting journalists know that he is not a fan of the moniker, one way or another.

On Thursday (January 12), briefly interviewed Federline about "PopoZão," his debut single, and forthcoming untitled album. After the interviewer called Federline "K-Fed" several times, the Fresno, California native had apparently had enough.

"I don't like K-Fed," said Federline when asked what artists he didn't like.

"Why don't you like K-Fed?" replied the interviewer. Federline's response... a telephone dial tone.

Produced by Disco D (50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way"), "PopoZão" was released exclusively through Yahoo! Music Unlimited on January 1 and now can be downloaded via Federline's website.

Kevin Federline's debut album is due out this summer.

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