Ludacris Launches Cerebral Palsy Awareness Campaign

ImageLudacris' non-profit organization, The Ludacris Foundation, has partnered with United Cerebral Palsy, one of the nation's leading advocates for Americans with disabilities, to launch a public awareness campaign focused on bringing attention to the disproportionate rate of disability in minority communities.
Studies show that while African-Americans make up only 13 percent of the U.S. populations, they account for almost 20 percent of all people with disabilities. More than 35 percent of African-American families reported having a family member with a disability in 2000.

To highlight these disparities, Ludacris will appear in a public service announcement entitled "Dream," along with Ruje'anne Duplessis, a teenager born with cerebral palsy, whose dream was to have Ludacris take her to prom.

Ludacris heard about Duplessis' wish after she contacted BET for some help in finding the Atlanta rapper. Jumping at the chance to make her wish come true, Ludacris flew to Massachusetts to escort Ruje'anne to the Central High prom.

"The prom is a very important part of a young lady's life, and it hit my heart to share it with her," Ludacris told the Sacramento Observer. "Ruje'anne might have a disability, but that doesn't make her different from anyone else. She's still dreaming and making a difference."

The new public service announcement featuring Ludacris will run in select cities nationwide and is available online at
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