Nas Hit With $10 Million Lawsuit Over Botched Angola Concert/Kidnapping

Nas has been sued by a New Jersey concert promoter, who spent 50 days in custody in Angola, after a botched hip-hop concert that was supposed to feature the rapper.

Patrick Allocco filed the lawsuit against Nas yesterday (December 21), in Manhattan Federal Court.

Nas was supposed to perform at two New Year’s Eve shows in the nation’s capital of Luanda, but allegedly attend an event for LeBron James in Miami.

Nas had received a $300,000 advance from Allocco, who was representing AllGood Entertainment, which was fronted by a promoter in Angola named Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel, who paid $315,000 for an appearance by Nas and Jemiah Jai.

Patrick Allocco and his son Patrick Jr. were allegedly “kidnapped” at gunpoint by Riquhino and his associates and were not allowed to leave Angola, in a scenario that played out like an episode of “Locked Up Abroad.”

After the State Department intervened, Nas forked over the $300,000 advance, as did Jemiah Jai.

In late February of 2012, Patrick Allocco and his son were finally released from Angola.