Bay Area's SMC Recordings Opens Its Doors To Local Talent

 Bay Area record label SMC Recordings focuses on local talent in its first year.

Founded by George Nauful, Ralph Tashjian and Will Bronson, in conjunction with Universal Record's Fontana Distribution, SMC's unique selling point is their dedication to the sound of the Bay Area and its Mission District.

Despite the Bay Area focus, the SMC roster includes a diverse range of artists including Pastor Troy, Bizzy Bone, 845 Entertainment, as well as regional artists B Legit, San Quinn and Balance.

Tashjian, Nauful and Bronson plan to use their decades of experience in the music industry and extensive promotions expertise, to build a loyal local following for their artists.

In 2006, SMC Recordings will release records from Troy, Eldorado Red, Lil' J, and San Quinn.

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