Freeway Addresses Beanie Sigel's Arrest And Prison Time

Much has been made of Beanie Sigel's latest string of legal issues. Sig was sentenced to a two-year bid for tax fraud, an issue that was compounded when he was arrested on Wednesday (August 29) with drugs and a gun.

The arrest led to Sigel beginning serving time immediately, before the release of his latest album, This Time.

In an interview, former Roc-A-Fella label mate Freeway spoke on the matter prior to State Property's performance at the Made In America Festival.

“It’s definitely unfortunate,” said Freeway of Sigel's situation. “I was just on the phone with his wife. It’s looking crazy, but Inshallah, he will get through it. It’s hard on me, it’s hard on his family, but he’s got good people out here who support him.”

During Jay-Z's set at the Made In America performance, Young Chris, Neef, Memphis Bleek, and Freeway made it out on stage.