Chingy's Former Bodyguard Kills Girlfriend, Son and Himself

 Chingy's former bodyguard recently murdered his girlfriend and their 7-year-old son before killing himself, police said.

According to reports, three bodies were discovered in an apartment in the University City suburb of St. Louis. The victims were later identified as Michael Cannon, 34; Kim Charleston, 34; and Michael Cannon Jr., 7. Cannon aka Big Mike had previously worked security for Chingy.

Cannon and Charleston reportedly weren't married but lived together for approximately 12 years. Authorities wouldn't reveal what the killings' motive may have been. Charleston's two other children live with their father.

Mario Cannon, Michael's brother, said Big Mike phoned him at around 2:04 a.m. the day of the incident. He said it was unusual for his brother to call late, adding that he didn't answer the phone.

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