B.G. Breaks Down His Arrest, His Beef With Lil Wayne and G-Unit

 After spending three nights in a Michigan jail, rapper B.G. is out and ready to share his side of the story.

As previously reported by SOHH.com, B.G. was recently stopped for driving a car with tinted windows but was held for driving with a suspended license and outstanding traffic tickets. However, according to the rapper, most of the charges were trumped up.

"They was harassing a nigga, that's what happened. They put a gun [charge] on me; they put some weed on me. I had a bulletproof vest on and a half-ounce. So they charged me on possession of body armor and being a convicted felon with a firearm," he tells SOHH.com.

While he maintains that the half ounce of marijuana was not his, he insists that he had no idea that wearing body armor was illegal. "I ain't even know that was against the law. I was wearing them faithfully on stage. I'm from the streets, so fuck I know how it goes. Look at Pac, look at Biggie [and] look at what just happened to Obie Trice," he continues, referring to Trice's recent shooting.

B.G. made a court appearance earlier this week and has another scheduled for Feb. 6. He's certain that he'll walk on the charges because the arresting officers were reportedly "caught in several lies" during the first court appearance.

Hoping to move forward beyond the incident, B.G. excitedly told SOHH.com about his upcoming album, The Heart of the Streets: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am), which is set to hit stores March 21 on his Chopper City Records imprint. The album features appearances by Paul Wall, Lil' Webbie and the Chopper City Boys.

The album also sees the rapper reunited with his former Cash Money producer, Mannie Fresh, who produced the album's lead single "Move Around." B.G. says that when he left the label several years ago, he never severed ties with Fresh.

"Me and Fresh was always cool. He was supposed to work on my last album, but he was still with Cash Money. He wanted to do this whole album at first. I might let him do the next one. But we still hooked up on this one and he gave me a hit so I can't complain."

Fans shouldn't look for a reunion between B.G. and his former Hot Boys partner, Lil' Wayne, however. As previously reported, Wayne is targeted by B.G. on his diss track, "Triggaman," which incidentally uses the beat from Wayne's hit single, "Fireman."

B.G. says that the beef kicked off after Wayne made some derogatory comments towards his former Hot Boys clique in a print interview.

"We was cool up until that. He never said my name, but he said it towards all the people that left Cash Money and the Hot Boys. I left Cash Money and the Hot Boys, so I took it as he was talking about me."

Though he has some pretty harsh words for Wayne on the track, B.G. says rap fans need not worry about the beef spilling over from wax and into the streets. "I don't want to harm that man. I watched him grow up. I brought him to Cash Money. I just wanted to put him in his place."

His feud with Wayne and his recent arrest aren't the only reasons B.G.'s name has been in the news recently. Rumors have also been swirling about the rapper possibly joining 50 Cent's G-Unit roster.

Not quite ready to reveal his decision, he offers up, "I've been climbing up the stairs for the last two years and now I feel like I'm on the porch and I've got like five doors open. G-Unit is one of those doors that's open to me."

Until he reaches his decision, B.G. says he's just going to focus on promoting his new album, his label, Chopper City Records and the Chopper City Boys, his first artist on the label.

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