50 Cent Ad Criticized By UK's Advertising Standards

ImageAn industry watchdog group in the UK has criticized 50 Cent’s latest advertisement for his movie “Get Rich or Die Trying.”

The poster features 50 Cent holding a gun in one hand and a baby in another.

According to the Advertising Standards authority, the poster drew 17 complaints from viewers who found the poster offensive.

The ASA ruled that the poster was in violation of advertising rules relating to violence, decency and the risks posed to children’s behavior because of the imagery.

“We also considered the combination of the title `Get Rich or Die Tryin', and the image of Curtis `50 Cent' Jackson carrying a gun could give the impression that success could be achieved through violence," the ASA ruled.

Universal Music Group defended the imagery, stating it was meant to portray 50 Cent’s struggle to escape the hardened streets of Queens, New York.

UMG also stated that the posters in question were no longer in use.

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