Lil' Flip Is 100% Innocent," Rapper's Reps Tell Their Side Of The Story

 Lawyers, managers and close associates of Houston rapper Lil' Flip are proclaiming the rapper's innocence following his recent arrest in connection for credit card abuse.

Authorities claim that on June 8, Flip (born Wesley Eric Weston, Jr.) bought a $671 Southwest Airlines ticket to Baltimore from Houston with a credit card owned by a man named Jordan Salinger. According to court documents Salinger did not authorize the purchase.

While the rapper, who appeared in court yesterday (July 23), has stated that he is innocent of the charges and that he never made the purchase in question, his lawyer is speaking up in defense of their client.

"Lil' Flip nor anyone associated with him had any knowledge that a stolen credit card was being used by a person hired to arrange his travel," Stanley Schneider, Flip's Houston-based criminal attorney said. "A complete investigation will easily show that Lil' Flip is innocent of all charges and is actually a victim of a scam,"

Sandy Lal, Flip's manager, also indicated that the rapper will be vindicated of all charges.

"The charges against Lil' Flip are complete nonsense and will quickly disappear," Lal said via a statement. "Flip had absolutely no involvement with any sort of credit card fraud. He never personally handles any travel arrangements, that is left to promoters and travel agents. Any wrongdoing of any sort is clearly in their hands."

Houston community activist Quanell X also continued to defend Flip and what he feels is unfair pressure that authorities are placing on the Houston-bred rapper.

"I believe that Lil' Flip is 100% innocent," X said. "But the problem is that they keep putting pressure on Lil' Flip that he may give them the information on the real culprit that they are looking for and that person has a direct relationship to the person who was booking plane tickets for Lil' Flip."

The case has been temporarily recessed with the rapper scheduled to appear back in court on August 16.

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