Jay-Z A No-Go For Superbowl Party, Detroit Venue "Scared" Of Hip-Hop Scope

ImageSOHH.com has exclusively learned that Jay-Z may have been denied access to the Detroit Public Library. According to sources, the Def Jam president was interested in throwing a party there during Superbowl weekend (February 3-5), but has had to make other plans after being denied use of the city-owned facility.

Karen Floyd-Sanders of the Detroit Public Library told SOHH.com that the library had been in talks with Jay-Z about planning the party but things didn't pan out.

"I was actually on sick leave so I'm not sure what happened," Floyd-Sanders said. "When I came back they said it wasn't going to happen so I just moved on to the next event."

However, Conrad Wilson, head of marketing for the Detroit Public Library and Floyd-Saunders' supervisor, told a different story.

"Many people are asking for venues in Detroit and they are required to go through our formal channels and provide all the information about which buildings they'd like to use as well as file for all the necessary permits and insurance," explained Wilson. "If that wasn't done properly, that would be a reason to deny the request."

MMG concert promoter Demetrius Carrington, who was organizing the event for Hov, refuted that claim.

"They cancelled," Carrington told SOHH.com. "We thought it would have been a really unique special thing. They totally screwed us and we ended up losing the whole function. It is ridiculous for a city in such financial shape to deal in such an unprofessional manner."

According to Carrington, MMG did all the necessary work that Wilson referred to.

"That's bullshit because I went through their insurance carriers," he said. "I've done [events with] Prince, R. Kelly-all type of shit. I think they got scared because of the scope of the event. I think they are a bunch of older conservatives who decided it was too much to handle.

"I was just upset because they were so unprofessional to me," added Carrington. "For us to be in financial ruins in this city and for somebody to arbitrarily change their minds is ridiculous. We were going to employ 100 security detail. They issued me a preliminary contract; we could've done something legally. I was very disappointed. They have one of the biggest venues in the city that is probably going to sit dark [on] one of the biggest weekends that Detroit will have for a long time."

While MMG will not be handling a Jay-Z event for Superbowl XL, the company is planning three events that weekend for Diddy.

"Puffy's doing three parties that weekend," said Carrington. "Eliceum Nightclub, Captain's Nightclub, and we're trying to get the State Theater which is the biggest club in the city."

Jay-Z may not have altogether abandoned the idea of a Superbowl XL party though. Midtown Art Gallery CPop has been in touch with Hov about having an event in their space.

"We hope it happens," said CPop Gallery Director Rick Manore. "We have the venue for it. The man is so cool that we would love to do it."

The multi-level art gallery, located right next to Detroit's legendary Majestic Theater, has hosted events for museum "friends" The White Stripes' Jack White, actor Nicholas Cage and Kid Rock, among others. Offering high ceilings and over 6,000-sq. feet of space, the Gallery is less than half a mile from Ford Field where this year's Superbowl will be taking place.

At press time, representatives for Jay-Z could not be reached for comment.

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