Lil' Kim Toy Drive A Success, Early Parole Possible

 Lil’ Kim’s non-profit Lil’ Kim Cares hosted a Christmas party/toy giveaway Dec. 22 in Philadelphia, and event that drew over 1,000 local residents.

The event was broadcast live by 1003 and was co-sponsored by Philadelphia veteran Charlie Mack and Brooklyn boxing champion Zab Judah and his Fight For Life Foundation.

"The charity event was a huge success and something that was very near and dear to Kim's heart," James Leonard Jr. ESQ., a South Jersey based attorney who was recently hired by the rapper told

Leonard said that Kim would continue to learn and evolve through the year, a change that will be evident when she is released in August of 2006.

"I think this entire experience has unearthed new depths for Kim, both as a person and an artist," said Leonard. "I think you will see that in the direction she takes upon her release from prison."

Leonard said Kim has adjusted to prison life in the FDC and that she spends her time working at a prison assigned job, reading her favorite book "The Da Vinci Code," listening to the radio, responding to fan mail and writing rhymes.

"The warden and the staff at the FDC have been great with Kim," Leonard said. "She has neither sought [nor] received any special treatment. They have respected her privacy and have treated her extremely fair."

While Kim's official release date is August 2, 2006, Leonard said he expects the rapper to be freed from detention as early as late June.

Kim will then be placed on house arrest until early August and will then be on three years supervised release.

"That is something that we are aggressively working on right now," said Leonard.

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