ALL Stop Snitching Stop Lyin WEBSITES SHUTDOWN

ImageThe Game's Stop Snitchin' Stop Lying' websites are currently all down, and no official word was told about all this.

The only thing that we found is a rumor, here it goes:

The Game News ~ Game's DVD NEWS!!!!! (not good)

If you aint noticed by now, all the sites for the dvd are down (stopsnitchinstoplyin,com,,,, and everythign else Game had)

Well, word on the streets from a VERY reliable source I heard is that there was some very shady shit that went down, and 50 ended up buying the rights to the DVD for 10 million dollars from Universal Video, The Black Wall Street, and the film production company that produced it in agreement that they would never put it out, and there was legal threats against Game if it did come out, as well as a ton of pressure from Interscope almost forcing it to not be able to come out (not to mention internal pressure, as Interscope and Universal are owned by the same people- Vivendi-Universal, meaning they would be hurting one of their top selling artists by releasing this)

Im waiting to get more info but it looks like the DVD wont be seeing the light of day after being blackballed basically by 50, which is a shame as I have heard from people who have seen it that it would have been a classic

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