50 Cent To Kanye, "I'm Not Moving"

Image50 Cent recently revealed he will not change his September 11th release date, even as Kanye West's highly anticipated album is scheduled to drop on the same day.

50's third album Curtis is scheduled for release on September 11th, the same date as Kanye West's third album Graduation. During a Hot 97 interview with Funkmaster Flex, 50 revealed that he has no plans of making any changes to the new release date.

"I hope that they see and understand what's getting ready to happen," 50 told Funkmaster Flex on the air. "I'm not moving. I'm coming September 11th. If Kanye comes that day, then he comes that day. That'd be great if he actually stays in that date. I think his people are smart. I think he's smart, too. And I think they'll move. But I'm coming September 11th. I'm not going to move... Jay's not gonna let that happen anyway. He's not gonna leave him there."

50 also revealed that he's feeling good about his new single, "I Get Money." He compared his feelings for the song to the energy he felt surrounding "In The Club." The Queens-bred rapper also came clean about the new single by admitting that it was recorded because he was unhappy with the response to his previous singles.

"I recorded eight new records. I didn't like the response I was getting," 50 admitted. "I put the music out and I got a response, but it wasn't what it was supposed to be. I said Wait a minute, I gotta regroup. I felt like I was reaching a point where they want to tell me 'No,' so I had to give you something that's undeniable."

Touching on various subjects including his feelings about President George W. Bush and Oprah Winfrey, his relationship with Jay Z, dropping Olivia from G-Unit, and on-record references he's made to Lil Wayne, 50 held almost nothing back in the interview.

However, as Flex did his best to pry into 50's love life, congratulating 50 on his rumored dalliance with Ciara, 50 remained mum on the subject, adding only, "It's a great song, it's a great video."

50's next album Curtis hits stores September 11th. 50 also revealed that the next G-Unit release will be a compilation effort featuring the entire G-Unit family.

Full audio interview:

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