Kanye West Vs 50 Cent, Rappers Go Head To Head On 9-11

ImageKanye West and 50 Cent will share the same release date for their third solo albums as the Chicago rapper's forthcoming project, Graduation, has been pushed back.

Graduation was slated for release on August 21. According to a Def Jam representative, the album will now hit shelves on September 11.

Graduation reportedly features collaborations with Coldplay's Chris Martin and Jon Brion, among others. The album's lead singles, "Cant Tell Me Nothing" and "Stronger," are currently in rotation on major radio stations across the U.S.

50 Cent's album, Curtis , was initially due to hit stores last month but was pushed back to September 4. It was pushed back again last week to September 11.

50 Cent has a history of throwing jabs at Kanye. In various interviews, the G-Unit honcho has questioned West's sexual orientation and described the rapper's music as non-threatening.

"They like Kanye West because he's a safe ni99a," 50 said in a 2006 interview with Hot 97. "It's better for your kid to wanna dress weird and just have a whole other vibe."

"[Kanye] said something in an interview one time that made me think about it. He said because he was raised by his mother, he has feminine ways," he added "That right there is who Kanye West is to me. That statement is stuck in my head. He said it like he meant it".

When asked Def Jam if they had any particular reason for pushing back Ye's album or if they were worried about dropping Graduation at the same time as Curtis, a rep replied via email, "Not at all! Good music is good music."

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