Havoc Goes For Delf, Preps Indie Release

 After years of playing the back, Mobb Deep's Havoc is finally gearing up to release The Kush, this fall.

The album, which is slated for a September 18 release date, will be released on Nature Sounds records and will reportedly be the prequel to the rapper/producer's official solo LP.

"I was always ready, but the reason why it took me so long is because the timing wasn't right," said Havoc. "I was always working on Mobb Deep material and working with other artists and I used a lot of the material I was going to use for a Kush for Mobb Deep records."

Though he's worked with a number of hip-hop's biggest stars including Nas, Capone & Noreaga, Foxy Brown, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Jadakiss and The Notorious B.I.G., among others, Hav chose not to call in any favors for this disc, as fellow Mobb member Prodigy is the lone big name guest. The disc will also be produced entirely by Havoc himself.

"Besides Prodigy, I did not want a bunch of big stars on it, as it would have taken away from the real objective of the LP, which is grimy and down to earth," Hav explains. "Basically, The Kush is dark and gutter, I really wanted to go that direction. The thing that keeps me motivated is just my love of music, I just love to create. The Kush represents me as an individual and my growth as a producer and lyricist."

The Kush is set to hit shelves on September 18.

Here is a complete track listing for the album:

1.) NY For Life

2.) I'm The Boss

3.) By My Side f/40 Glocc

4.) One Less @#*$%

5.) Ride Out f/Nyce

6.) Balling Out f/Un Pachino

7.) What's Poppin Tonite

8.) Class By Myself f/Nitti

9.) Set Me Free f/Prodigy & Nyce

10.) Be There

11.) Hit Me Up f/Un Pacihno

12.) Get Off My Dick

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