Chopper Hit With Arrest Warrant For Prior Robbery Charge

 More legal troubles have arisen for former "Making The Band" star Chopper, as a warrant for his arrest has been issued by a Baltimore County judge for an apparent probation violation in connection with a 2001 armed robbery conviction.

Chopper (born Kevin Barnes) plead guilty to robbing a couple six years ago with a BB gun at the age of 16. Barnes was released after the incident but a warrant was issued for his arrest after he did not appear in court on those charges.

Though Barnes' attorney, Paul Gardner, said that his client assumed that the charges had eventually been dropped, the rapper was held in custody on the warrant. A second warrant was issued for his arrest following a missed August court date - which Chopper was unable to attend because he was incarcerated in Georgia, after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

Elizabeth Bartholomew, spokeswoman for Maryland's Division of Parole and Probation, told the Associated Press that a third warrant was recently issued for the rapper, after he failed to report to a probation officer to begin his two year parole sentence. Chopper's lawyer contends that the incident was merely a misunderstanding.

"Chopper failed to appear before his probation officer because Chopper expected to report to a Georgia probation officer not a Maryland one," Gardner said.

Gardner also contends that the rapper did in fact complete his court-ordered 100 hours of community service, something that Bartholomew disagrees with. He also believes that the judge is unfairly targeting his client and potentially putting his career in danger, after reportedly signing a multi-million dollar provisional deal with Cash Money Records.

"This judge is putting in danger a million-dollar deal over a BB gun when he was 16," Gardner said. "If he's in jail, he can't record. Then there's no record deal."

Barnes' attorney will reportedly ask the judge to recall the warrant and set a date for Barnes to appear before the court.

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