Wrestler Speaks Out About Jay-Z/Diamond Sign Controversy

ImageNearly three weeks after filing a federal lawsuit against Jay-Z, former WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke on the case.

Earlier this month, DDP filed a federal lawsuit against Jiggaman for trademark infringement. In the lawsuit, Page claims he was the first to use the "Diamond Cutter" hand symbol in 1996 and considers it his logo. Page claims the sign has long been trademarked.

During a recent radio interview, Page revealed that he initially did not intend on suing Hov based on the respect he had for the rapper/mogul's career.

According to Page, negotiations between him and Jay's legal teams began this July. The two sides couldn't reach a deal, making way for the current lawsuit. DDP said his lawyer prevented a settlement from taking place, but wouldn't elaborate.

Page then went on to name entertainers and athletes, including former NBA great Karl Malone, who have acknowledged him by throwing the ``Diamond Cutter`` sign up. The wrestler said he first uncovered that Jay used the symbol after seeing Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James throw it up during a game. Hov reportedly said, ``that`s my sign`` when asked why James used it.

Details on the damages sought by Page have yet to be confirmed.

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