Chino XL Offers Double Dose Of Music Next Year

 After four years, Chino XL plans to release two albums in the next six months. He will unveil his first new album, Poison Pen, next month and yet another album, Confirmation, later this spring.

"I hope that in the New Year, Hip-Hop will regain a certain amount of integrity in the current overly corporate state of affairs," Chino said via a statement. "Hopefully, we will be able to focus on the artistry again. The machine should not be larger than the architects who create the music."

Poison Pen will be released independently via Activate, as part of an effort by Chino to make an artistic statement free from outside censorship or control by major label executives. The double-CD, Chino's first release since I Told You So, will offer 18 songs, including two bonus tracks, and features appearances from Killah Priest, The Beatnuts and D-12's Proof.

"We gave Chino a budget, and let him do his thing," Activate label CEO Jay Warsinske said via statement. "Chino delivered an unfiltered, mind-bending stream of consciousness statement built on strong songs and hooks."

"This is me at my most honest, most heartfelt and most uncompromising when it comes to what's on my mind," Chino added.

As part of a limited edition signed collector's package, first run copies of Poison Pen will be available with a limited edition silver metallic foil cover, personally autographed with a silver 'poison' pen by Chino. Other added bonuses include a music video, two hidden bonus tracks and special features which can be accessed by computer only.

The album's second disc is a DJ Mix version of the album mixed by L.A.'s Power 106 DJ Mr. Choc, where Chino offers his firsthand perspective on the making of his tracks.

Later next year, Chino will release yet another album, Confirmation, this time from his new major label home.

"I am very happy to now be signed to Sway and Tech's label, Bolo/Universal, and I am looking forward to my major commercial release, Confirmation, coming out this spring," said Chino. "I'm only putting out Poison Pen because I have fans who want to hear it. I hope that everyone has a happy holiday season."

After that long hiatus, fans can now look forward to hearing Chino spit both underground and commercial.

Poison Pen will be available January 31, 2006.

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