Raekwon Introduces New Group Ice Water

 Wu-Tang Clan lyricist Raekwon is taking steps to unveil what he considers to be “the next dynasty” in Hip-Hop with his new group, Ice Water.

Ice Water is gearing up for the release of their debut album Raekwon Presents…Ice Water: Polluted Water.

Polluted Water features production from Scram Jones, Jagged Edge and EZ-Elpee as well as appearances from Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Three 6 Mafia, Remy Ma, Jagged Edge and Raekwon himself, who has taken Ice Water under his wing.

"I can't put my name on anything that I feel is not on my level,” Raekwon said in a statement. “These dudes are on my level, that's why I pushed for the project; I believe in them."

The forthcoming release of the album will mark a new chapter for Ice Water members Polite, Stomach, P.C. (Paulie Caskets) and D.C. (Donnie Cash).

The collective appeared on several tracks on Raekwon’s 2002 album The Lex Diamond Story and gained valuable performing experience as the opening act during Raekwon's 30-plus state tour.

Ice Water’s experience on the road and in the studio confirmed Raekwon’s feelings about the group’s potential to become a musical force.

"We knew these cats had potential way back, but the timing wasn't right,” the rapper stated. “I always kept a radar on dudes, and when I felt they was ready mentally and lyrically, I helped 'em get on."

"I'm training these pits,” continued Raekwon, who compared the Ice Water’s development to raising pitbulls. “I've got them on the treadmill, and I'm beating 'em, feedin' 'em hot sauce and steaks, so they're ready for this industry."

Raekwon presents…Ice Water: Polluted Water hits stores on Aug. 28.

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