Foxy Brown's Tongue Get The Best Of Her In Court, Judge Threatens Contempt Charges

 Foxy Brown's assault hearing was rescheduled after the rapper was handcuffed to her seat until she apologized for sticking her tongue out during the proceedings.

Foxy, born Inga Marchand, appeared in court to plead guilty to disorderly conduct in a plea bargain with the government. Under the deal, she will have to do 10 days of community service.

The BK rapper initially faced assault charges, a more serious offense. Foxy was accused of assaulting two Bloomie Nails manicurists after paying for a $20 pedicure she didn't receive.

Brown first had to confess to certain parts of the incident before the judge could accept the deal. Yet, she refused to follow the steps of the proceedings each time Judge Melissa Jackson called her case this past Friday. Fox then pissed Jackson off when she wouldn't answer questions upon being called a third time.

"This is the third time you are before me performing today, and you are making faces and sticking out your tongue," Jackson told Fox before inquiring, "Are you chewing gum?"

Foxy then stuck her tongue out to reveal that she wasn't chewing anything.

"You stuck your tongue out at me," the judge fumed. "You are showing disrespect for the court."

Jackson then ordered Brown to be handcuffed to her courtroom seat until she apologized.

Joseph Flemming, Foxy's attorney, then objected that her client was having a hard time understanding the hearing because of her near total hearing loss.

"She cannot hear," Fleming told the judge. "She's deaf. She opened her mouth, your honor, only to show you she wasn't chewing gum."

Brown then apologized after being threatened with a contempt-of-court citation, 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The judge rescheduled the hearing for January 23.

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