IPhone Mania Ensues, Apple Sells Over 700,000 Units Over The Weekend

 Sales of Apple's iPhones have reportedly surpassed analysts' projections.

According to the New York Post, consumers took home over 700,000 iPhones over the weekend. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analyst David Bailey has estimated the phone would sell 350,000 units while Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster predicted 200,000.

More than a third of Apple's 164 stores were out of stock by last night, according to the company's Web site, leaving buyers in states such as Hawaii, Nevada and Utah to try AT&T Inc. stores.

AT&T, the exclusive provider of wireless service for the iPhone, said most of its 1,800 stores sold out within 24 hours. The iPhone broke AT&T's opening-weekend records, selling more in three days than phones such as Motorola Inc.'s Razr did in their first month.

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