Foxy Brown Skips Probation, Refuses To Go To Court In Assault Case

 Foxy Brown reportedly skipped an appointment with her probation officers a day before she was assaulted and robbed on Saturday night (June 23).

According to both the New York Post and NY's Daily News, probation officials left a warning for Brown (born Inga Marchand) outside her house yesterday afternoon (June 25). The Brooklyn bred rapper, who is currently on probation for assaulting two manicurists in Manhattan's Bloomie Nails in 2004, was penciled in to have a sit down with the officials on Friday.

"Dear Ms. Marchand," the note read. "You failed to report to the probation department on 6/22/07 for a scheduled appointment. You are obliged to report . . . as directed as a condition of your probation... Failure to do so may seriously affect your probation status."

Brown was recently attacked in her car by several women who allegedly were summoned by her ex-boyfriend outside of The Louis H. Pink Houses. The women would also steal Brown's $500 handbag, necklaces and her hearing aid.

Roshawn Anthony, one of Brown's attackers, was arrested after the incident and was charged with robbery, assault and possession of a weapon. She is being held in Rikers Island on $50,000 bail and has denied the charges.

Brown, who reportedly stopped cooperating with cops soon after the incident, denied being assaulted when reporters approached her while she was exiting her house on Sunday (June 23).

Chaz Williams, CEO of Black Hand Entertainment which manages Foxy, claims the rapper wasn't cooperating because she got the bag back with all of her stuff.

"It wasn't a robbery, as in she was robbed at gunpoint," he explained. "Her bag was missing and she was concerned. She had a lot in her bag and a Black [American Express] Card, and the diamond ring, so she went to the cops. That's what anyone would do."

Clinton Hughes, Anthony's lawyer, said that Brown would be headed to grand jury but Williams stressed that won't be happening and advised Hughes to seek a dismissal of the charges.

"[Brown] isn't going to a grand jury. She's not going to a courthouse," he emphasized. "I don't know what he's talking about."

Police are currently searching for Brown's ex-boyfriend and her other attackers.

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