MTV Gives ''Hood'' Love Wth New Dance Show

 Along with the popular Three Six Mafia show "Adventures In HollyHood" and the curbside game show "Hood Fab," MTV Networks offers another take on Hood TV with "Dances From the Hood."

MTV's "Dances From the Hood" stars dancer/choreographer Tweetie, who has previously worked with Destiny's Child and Oprah, offering easy to follow instructions on how to do the hottest street dances popularized by hip-hop music.

For the premiere episode, Tweetie will break down dances including the "Aunt Jackie," the "Toe Wop" and the "Lip Gloss." Hot new artist Lil Mama ("Lip Gloss") will also make an appearance on the show, dancing alongside Tweetie. Lil Mama will also unveil some hot new dance steps from the new "Girlfriend Remix" video she recently shot with Avril Lavigne.

"It's really raw," Tweetie said. "It's not set choreography, it's showing the dances that are out now, and some of the old-school stuff. It's all about hip-hop. It's not coordinated; you're free to just have fun. I don't only want you to watch it, I also want you to get up and do the steps."

"In the 90's, music like Kid 'N Play and Salt-N-Pepa made a great time for partying," said MTV's Sway Calloway, who along with veteran producer Sean Lee, created the show. "It's a good time for this show, as we're trying to encompass what's going on with hip-hop in a really cool way. I'm excited because I'm executive producing it. This is the first TV show I've done under my new development deal."

Viewers can submit videos of themselves performing to, where they are able to upload their clips, as well as rate and comment on videos from other viewers. Throughout the show MTV will keep tally of the most popular clips and at the winning dancer will be awarded a cameo in "Aunt Jackie" artist Jason Fox's next video.

"Dances From the Hood" is scheduled to air Sunday June 17 at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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