Common Gets Thugged Out, Ghost Writing For Diddy Too

 As "Testify," the third single from his current album, Be, slowly pushes the critically-acclaimed album towards platinum sales, Common is keeping busy, recently wrapping his first movie role and hitting stages nationwide.

In this exclusive, Com speaks on his movie debut, brushes off dis records and speaks on ghost writing for Diddy.

After making cameos on UPN's "Girlfriends" and "One on One," Com recently finished shooting Smoking Aces, a flick he describes as a twist between a dramatic, dark comedy and an action movie.

In his feature film debut, the reputedly conscious artist is likely to shock heads in his incarnation of Sir Ivy, a cold blooded assassin. The film also stars Ben Affleck, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven of HBO's "Entourage," Andy Garcia and Alicia Keys. Smoking Aces is expected to hit the big screen in the summer of 2006.

"I'm a right hand man to a mob guy, his security...more like second in command," the Chicago lyricist told about the role. "I'm like that warrior cat. I'm one of the fiercest killers in the movie. It's so many assassins, but I'm one of the fiercest."

Com doesn't get to show his "fierce" side much, unless he's being attacked. In the late 90s, Com responded to shots by Ice Cube and Mack 10 with "The Bitch In You," a track heralded as one of the best dis songs in Hip-Hop history.

Recently, U.K. rapper Rising Son, Yungun and Doc Brown took stabs at Com over his own "The Corner" instrumental, calling him "a racist bitch" on the cut. The trio was responding to a Touch Magazine article in which Com said he opposed dreadlocked black men getting into mixed relations because it defeated the locks' purpose.

"I heard about it," said Common. "I never heard the song though. I didn't pay too much attention. People just told me about it. The person ain't trying to drop it in my face. I'm a man, so if I ain't get to hear it I can't really respond to what they're saying. If they wanted to get it off their chest, they got it off. I got things to take care of in my life. I ain't paying attention to them."

"The artist formerly know as Sense" is too busy hitting stages and ghost writing for Diddy's upcoming solo album. Com joins Pharoahe Monch and Kanye West on the list of artists working on Puff's final effort.

"I worked on one song and hopefully I would like to work on more," Com told regarding his work with the mogul. "The song is incredible. It's produced by Kanye and this other producer and it's a real soulful song. Puff, he knows what he wants and he gave me a real good direction to go in. He really wanted spiritual lyrics that were saying something, which is beautiful, so I fit right in. I was kinda surprised, but when he said why and what he wanted I was honored."

Common is also prepping his Soji hat line for a spring release and plans to head back to the lab at the top of 2006.

Common's Be is in stores now.

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