Master P., Lil' Romeo To Release Father-Son Album

ImageMaster P and his son Romeo are planning to release Hip-Hop History, a father and son collaboration, which hits stores on the same day as 50 Cent's upcoming album, Curtis.

Rapping alongside son Romeo, Hip-Hop History will include appearances by Chamillionaire and Silkk The Shocker as well as production by Mike Diesel, Chip, and Hood Noise.

Master P., born Percy Miller, recently announced that he was dropping all profanity from his future releases in the wake of the Don Imus scandal.

50 Cent took a swipe at Master P's decision to drop the profanity during a press conference earlier this month.

The comments prompted Master P. to write an open letter to 50 Cent.

"This record isn't about making money, it's about providing a choice, changing, and hopefully saving lives," Master P said in a statement.

The proceeds from Hip-Hop History will go to a foundation and scholarships for underprivileged children.

"Before we condemn others for making a change, we should take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves, 'what are we doing? Are we a part of the problem, or are we a part of the solution?'" Master P asked.

Master P will also release a book entitled Guaranteed Success on how to achieve financial success the same day that Hip-Hop History is released.

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