Mims Hit With $7.5 Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit

 Chart-topping rapper Mims has been hit with a $7.5 million civil lawsuit, claiming he reneged on a deal because of his "discriminatory" attitude towards women.

The New York Post reports that Marquitta Blair, 22, filed the lawsuit in Rockland County Court.

In the lawsuit, Blair claims she sent a $2,500 down payment to Mims' agents for a performance at Eugene, a nightclub in Manhattan.

According to Blair, the rapper failed to show because of his misogynistic views towards women, which are a "pattern of conduct involving the belittlement and degradation of females as 'bitches and hoe's."

Blair even quotes Mims' lyrics in the lawsuit.

The rapper's lyrics also came under fire in the aftermath of the Don Imus controversy, just as his single "This Is Why I'm Hot" sat on top of the Billboard charts for 15 weeks.

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