Peedi Crack Speaks Freely, Jim Jones "Can't Rap," Papoose "Is Trash" & Yung Joc "Is Wack As Shit"

 In a recent interview, State Property member Peedi Crack took shots at Yung Joc, Jibbs and New York mixtape standout, Papoose.

During the Q&A, the Philly bred rapper also addressed Jim Jones' rapping ability and business saavy while also applauding the South's dominance of the industry.

"They are working it and they doing it independently. Them niggas don't wait on the label to do nothing. Them niggas been through it all. Do you know how hard it's been for down South to get into the game? That's why I ain't mad at them. They deserve this time, they deserve the shine, let them air it out." [Watch Here]

"I always liked Trick Daddy and niggas like that. I like South niggas. I ain't gon' say down South is corny, just the mainstream niggas," he continued, "the ones that try to make them radio joints. Like fucking Yung Joc, he's wack as shit! Jibbs, that nigga wack. Jibbs is horrible"

One of Peedi's associates would interrupt his rant saying Jibbs "is only sixteen" but the Philly rapper would still cling to his opinion.

"So what? He's wack!" stressed Peedi. "He could be nine, that nigga wack. You know who else is corny for the record? Papoose is horrible, I don't give a fuck what anybody talk about. Papoose is trash."

"Pap, you garbage," Peedi added, pointing to the camera. "Ain't no disrespect to you dog but it's business. Shout out to Kay Slay, I know he's your old head. I fuck with Kay Slay. They be beefing this nigga like he's that nigga. That nigga is horrible, my son rap better than you."

"My son's five years old , he'll murk you" he continued. "I don't know why Jadakiss did a song with that nigga , Kiss you trippin'"

Surprisingly, Peedi who dissed Jim Jones and Julez Santana late last year, supported the Dipset Capo's business skills despite criticizing his lyrical ability.

"Jim can't rap but he's one helluva business man," said Peedi. "Jim used to rap better back in the day. I heard some old shit back when Jim was with Cam'ron and Cam was fat as shit. Jim was murking that shit . Now he don't be murking that shit, he be making some whatever shit. He making that cake so I ain't mad at him. Helluva business man, straight up".

According to Peedi, his debut album will be dropping this summer via Rocafella/Def Jam.

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