Aftermath/Interscope Sued For Unpaid Eminem Royalties

ImageTwo management companies affiliated with Eminem have reportedly sued Aftermath/Interscope Records, Universal Music Group Recordings and ARY Inc for failing to pay royalties owed from digital downloads of the rapper's music.

According to Billboard, The Bass Brothers' FBT Productions and Joel Martin's Em2M claim, in a lawsuit they filed in Los Angeles federal court on Monday (May 21), that the aforementioned labels owe them 50% from downloads and master ringtones.

The companies claim they were underpaid by more than $650,000 from 2002-2005 since they did not receive 50% of the net receipts from the digital downloads.

FBT and Em2M are seeking a court order confirming their right to 50% of money earned from digital downloads and ringtone sales, as well as compensation for lost revenue.

Eminem is not named in the lawsuit.

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