Lil Kim Cancels Fundraiser During Black Bike Week

ImageA Memorial Day fundraiser featuring rapper Lil Kim has been postponed organizers announced today.

Lil' Kim was supposed to perform at the House of Blues on Myrtle Beach next Saturday (May 26) during National Black Bike to host the second of a two part fundraising drive for the Lil Kim's nonprofit, the Lil Kim Cares Foundation.

The first part of the fundraising drive was an online auction, which ended on May 3.

"Lil Kim would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to her partnering organizations: Motorcyclists Who Care and Krupt Mob, a Motorcyclists club from Queens for their support and understanding," a representative for Lil Kim told in a statement. "She would also like to thank wonderful companies like Suzuki for their generosity towards the fund-raiser. Through the Lil Kim Cares Foundation, Kim will continue to raise funds and awareness for National programs that assist with issues of homelessness, HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, transitional living, child neglect and violence against women in the impoverished neighborhoods throughout the country."

Black Bike Week was started by the Flaming Knight Riders in Atlantic Beach, SC in 1980.

The gathering was soon named Atlantic Beach Bike Festival aka Black Bike Week, which attracts over 300,000 people annually.

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