50 Cent Says He Won't Clean Up Lyrics, Disses Master P

Image50 Cent recently revealed that he has no intentions of cleaning up his lyrics despite all the backlash that hip-hop has received since Don Imus' "nappy headed hoes" controversy.

When the G-Unit boss was asked if he would voluntarily remove offensive lyrics from his music during a BET press conference for its upcoming awards yesterday (May 16), he replied: "are you familiar with politics? Are you familiar with the President's No. 2 man? You're familiar with him resigning based on him using, maybe what we'd call a dating service? Maybe he's hanging out with hoes that we mention in the music. If that doesn't make you aware of a situation that exists...."

"Music is a mirror, and hip-hop is a reflection of the environment that we grew up in. It's the harsh realities that end up in the music," he added. "If I ask you to paint a picture of the American flag and not use the color red, you're gonna have a difficult time. To capture what we try to capture in the art form, I'm sure some conservative Americans can't [identify] with it because of their lifestyle and the way they've actually been brought up, and they haven't been exposed to those realities." [Watch Here]

50 would take a stab at Master P when a reporter used the No Limit Records founder as an example of a rapper who has chosen to stop using racist and sexist language in their music.

"Well Master P doesn't sell CDs anymore," he scoffed. "You can tell him I said it. Cameras is rollin' right?...Curtis, June 26."

In related news, the videos for 50's current singles off Curtis, "Straight To The Bank" and "Amusement Park," will premiere on BET's "106th and Park" today (May 17). After their debut, fans can vote which of the two songs they'd like to see the rapper perform at the 2007 BET Awards which will take place on the same day Curtis is released.

The aforementioned videos have already leaked onto the internet.

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