Styles P Weighs In On New De Niro/Pacino Film, "The Roles They Choose Prove They Understand The Ment

ImageOscar award-winning actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are set to star together in the upcoming film Righteous Kill, an indie suspense film written by the same man behind Spike Lee's Inside Man, Russell Gewirtz.

Variety recently announced that De Niro and Pacino have signed on to star together in the police thriller Righteous Kill, allowing the two actors to team up again for the first time since Heat. Fans can expect to see more of Pacino and De Niro together this time around; unlike Heat, where the actors only shared two scenes, Righteous Kill will put them onscreen together for much of the film. The news is already being celebrated within the hip-hop community, where the two stars are particularly well regarded.

"That's fantastic. Heat was a great film and having them on screen together will be even better. De Niro and Pacino are both interesting people and extremely credible entertainers; two of the best actors in the game," Styles P said after hearing the news.

The D-Block rapper's own enthusiasm for Pacino and De Niro is well documented. In fact, Styles P sometimes uses the moniker "Paniro," a combination of the two actors names.

"The types of characters they play appeal consistently to the young, impoverished people in the ghetto; characters who came from nothing and became something. The genres of film they make and the roles they choose prove continuously that they understand the mentality of the poor. De Niro's role in Taxi Driver and Pacino's role in The Panic in Needle Park were both phenomenal and are perfect examples of this," Styles P explained, when questioned about rappers devotion to the two actors.

The $60 million independent productionfollows De Niro and Pacino as cops chasing a serial killer. The film is being produced by Nu Image's Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films. Jon Avnet has signed on to produce and direct the project.

Righteous Kill is scheduled to begin shooting August 6 in Connecticut. Parts of the film will also be shot in Manhattan.

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