DJ Unk's "Anti-Crime" Concert Interrupted By Gun Shots

 Richmond authorities reportedly arrested a man who fired shots outside a Virginia club yesterday (May 10), while DJ Unk was performing inside in an effort to promote positivity in hip-hop. 

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, two off-duty officers saw the unidentified man outside the Landmark Theater fire into the air and they chased him down. No one was hurt in the shooting and the man was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of discharging a firearm in public.

Atlanta's own DJ Unk and Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe had teamed up for the event to spread an anti-crime message and promote the positive aspects of hip-hop. The chief said the best way to connect with people is to bring in someone who speaks their language.


Monroe has worked with Bad Boy Records in the past to create a program to help young people use music to encourage positive social change.

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