Ghostface Keeps it Real, "I'm Still Struggling, I'm Not Rich"

 In a recent interview with a Denmark radio station Ghostface Killah opened up to fans about his financial status, referred to himself as a "lonely old man" and detailed a shootout he had while with legendary soul group The Delfonics.

"I'm still struggling dont get me wrong, I'm not rich," the outspoken rapper revealed. "Just because you see me with jewelry on and whatever, don't pay the jewelry no mind," Ghost admitted. "There's a song by a group called Blue Magic called 'Three Ring Circus' and it reminds me of me because I got my friends and everything, Wu- Tang Clan, but I like to be by myself."

"Don't get me wrong I love my friends and everything but I feel a lot more comfortable by myself so I can think," Ghost continued. "So in the song, he says he performs in front of the people and he makes them laugh, he was like a clown and he performed at the circus and made all the people laugh, but when he goes home he was just a lonely baker. And that's what [fans] dont understand. When I go home, when I leave the tour, that's how I am, I just feel lonely inside. I'm just a lonely old man and people don't know that."

Ghost, who has worked alongside The Delfonics and sampled their songs on his albums, revealed how him and the group got involved in a shootout in the past while going to record together.

"I had trouble with these guys from around the way. So I'm going to the studio with The Delfonics and they are behind me in a van while I'm in another car in front of them. So these guys are on the express way following us and when we got to the light they got in front of me," he explained. "So I'm thinking 'its about to be on.' I had a gun on me and they were just looking at me on the rearview mirror."

"So my back is against the wall, cause these are shooters, I'm thinking if they get out the car they might just shoot me. I'm in the passenger seat , just sitting there and they are there for five minutes. The Delfoncis are behind me they don't know what's going on," he continued. "So as soon as they made the turn, I was so heated and mad I just started shooting at them. That's when I was coming out the bad stage but I was still bad. So we left, the guys turned back around and started chasing us and started shooting at our car and the van."

"I felt bad that it had to be like that because I love The Delfonics and I told them I was sorry and one of them was like 'don't even worry about it , I should have brought my knife," he said.

Wild incidents like those may be one of the reasons the Wu-Tang lyricist is choosing a new approach on his next opus. According to him, his next project will contain no explicit lyrics.

"On my next album which might be a double album, I'mma stop cursing cause I don't think God wants me to curse too much on my records," he explained. " So I'mma start singing for God, not singing but rapping, singing good stuff for the women, the children and for us. I dont care what people think no more because I've sung a lot of that 'my gun this and my gun that' cause I been there. I'mma do something totally different on the next album."

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