Fundraiser Featuring Jadakiss Canceled After Community, Church Leaders Protest

ImageA celebrity basketball fundraiser was canceled in Stamford CT, after black church and community leaders protested an appearance by D-Block rapper Jadakiss, claiming violence could breakout at the event.

According to the Stamford Advocate, Jere Eaton is a former board member for the Yerwood Center and is also a potential presidential candidate for the NAACP's Stamford Branch.

She found out about the May 19 appearance by Jadakiss and emailed church and community leaders website links, lyrics and articles, because she was worried that the rapper's show would attract violence. .

"Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Perry (pastor of Union Baptist Church) and other clergy in Stamford, we are demanding that the Celebrity Basketball Fundraiser is canceled or 'clean' entertainment is provided by artists with 'clean' reputations," Eaton wrote in an email.

The Yerwood Center's president and CEO Deborah Sewell said she received over 60 phone calls about Jadakiss' appearance, resulting in the cancellation.

"I'm disappointed, because I really felt this would have been a great opportunity for the community to band together and show up in force," Sewell told the Advocate. "It doesn't matter who you bring in," she said. "There's a potential for an issue of violence."

Sewell defended Jadakiss and D-Block, saying that she worked with them during other past events and noted that the rappers even attended a Stamford rally that resulted in a gang truce.

"They've always been supportive of the community and they love to play basketball," Sewell said.

"All of these artists are the worst of the worst. They're criminals, their favorite word is the N-word, and they demean women by calling them b***hes and ho's," according to Eaton.

While Eaton disagreed with Sewell, her actions have led to the event being canceled and a replacement has yet to be found, leaving hundreds of locals disappointed.

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