Busta Rhymes Released From Jail On DWI Charge

ImageBusta Rhymes has been released on $7,500 bail, after being arraigned earlier in the day, according to officials.

Representatives for Rhymes said that the rapper was formally charged with misdemeanor DWI and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), which is a violation, not a criminal offense.

"According to the complaint, he blew a .067 BAC at the station [and] .08 BAC is legally drunk in New York," Rhymes' attorney Scott Leemon said. "His license was not suspended and he was immediately released on an agreed upon bail of $7,500 cash."

The rapper is expected to appear in court again Tuesday May 8 to answer the DWI charges.

Rhymes, 34, will also begin trial stemming from another assault case from 2006.

He was arrested early today (May 3), after police stopped his Yukon Denali on 51st Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan.

The officers charged that the tint on the SUV windows was too dark. The police also claimed they smelled alcohol on the rapper's breath and apprehended him.

He was booked at the 28th St. precinct in New York.

Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, was also arrested on Feb. 22 for driving in Manhattan for driving with a suspended license.

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