The Clipse "Re-Up," Working on New Album

After releasing last year's highly anticipated Hell Hath No Fury, the Clipse are wasting no time and have begun work on a brand new studio album.

According to Billboard, the Virginia-based brothers has been hard at work gathering new material for their next album, but refused to give any indication as to the progress of the as-yet-unfinished work. The duo recently ended a short stint on the road in which to promote Hell Hath No Fury, which has only managed to move 184,000 units according to Soundscan, despite the success of the album's lead single, "Mr. Me Too."

"We're just going to stay true to what it is we do," said Pusha T of the content for the group's next LP. Everything happens for a reason. There's so much disposable music right now and it is all being classified as hip-hop. This music thing is really a place where you can make your mark in history and build something epic."

Though no official release dates have been released, the group also has plans to release a third volume of their highly popular mixtape series "We Got It For Cheap" as well as a full length collaborative effort with their crew, The Re-Up Gang, which includes the Clipse as well as fellow MC's Ab-Liva and Sandman.

"The Re-Up Gang is just four MCs that follow the basic rules of hip-hop and lyricism," says Pusha. "Being creative, painting those pictures, the metaphors that smack you in your face."

Pusha also took the time to comment on the recent backlash that hip-hop has taken in the wake of the still fresh Don Imus controversy. Expressing his distaste for what he feels is an unfair comparison, the MC pointed the finger at those who he feels are in a position of leadership for permitting the situation to occur.

"I am floored that our leaders have let the racist comments of this white man be turned around on hip-hop," he states. "Hip-Hop didn't make that man say that. I'm just appalled."

Possibly in light of plans that R&B crooner R. Kelly made public to record a record in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech tragedy, Pusha firmly stated that the group will not be commenting about the Virginia Tech situation in song, saying, "this is bigger than a track," he says. ""It didn't even come across my mind."

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