Details Emerge In DJ Drama Arrest

 After almost three months since their highly publicized arrests, DJ Drama and DJ Cannon recently revealed various details about their studio's raid and their pending case.

As previously reported, Drama (born Tyree Simmons) and Cannon (born Donald Cannon), were both arrested and charged in January for making and selling illegal CDs after a raid of their downtown Atlanta office/studio by the RIAA and Georgia police.

The authorities would seize over 50,000 CDs as evidence, along with cars, recording equipment, bank statements, cash and computers.

According to Drama, who recently spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, on the day of the raid he was outside the front door of the studio shooting an interview for a DVD. At that point, a Chevy Tahoe SUV quickly pulled up on the curb.

"About five [anti-drug] Cobra units jumped out of it, M-16s drawn, pointed in our direction," Drama recalled. "They started screaming, 'It's police! Freeze! Get on the ground! Nobody move!"

"I was like 'wow!'," he added. "I'm just sitting here doing music, having fun, and they're coming like the army."

Since the raid, Cannon and fellow Aphilliate DJ Sense got their Tahoes back but Drama's BMW and a promotional van are still behind held .

Drama and Cannon are facing up to five years in prison and $100,000 in fines if convicted. Drama seems optimistic about the situation and expects some kind of settlement to work out.

"I'm hopeful," Drama said about the pending case "My lawyers are in constant conversation with the RIAA and the District attorney. They're definitely feeling a good resolution can happen."

According to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, his office has asked the Morrow Police Department and the RIAA for additional information before proceeding further.

"When the investigation is completed, we will make the appropriate charging decision at that time." Howard said through a spokesperson.

Cannon and Drama resumed their hosting duties on their popular radio show on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 in February. Drama, who is also known as the official DJ for T.I. , is currently working on an official "Gangsta Grillz" album due out on Grand Hustle/Atlantic. Last year Drama a signed a partnership deal with Asylum records for his Aphilliates Music Group.

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