Young Buck And Entourage Deny Involvement In Weekend Shooting; Witness Reveals Details

ImageContrary to previous reports, rapper Young Buck and his crew have denied being involved in a shooting that took place in the parking lot of the Hilton Garden Inn in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday (Apr. 28).

At least six shots were fired by two weapons during the shoot-out, which sent one man to the hospital with a single bullet wound to both legs and left patrons of the hotel terrified for their lives.

Police told Kennewick's Tri-City Herald that they were investigating reports that the shooting was a result of a fight that had broken out between Young Buck’s entourage and rival rappers, after Young Buck’s performance at Club Paradise.

Young Buck himself and a witness have come forth, proclaiming the rapper’s innocence in the situation.

“I had no involvement in that situation. None of my entourage was involved," Young Buck said. “We stayed at the hotel where the situation happened, I had no argument with nobody, I had none of my entourage involved in no fights. There were no robbers, or no shooting between us or no other rappers or none of that shit.”

According to the witness who was at both the Young Buck show and the after party, the shooting stemmed from an earlier incident.

“This shoot out had to do with a fight that happened earlier between two people that knew each other from Seattle and then other people showing up to have his back," an eyewitness said. “It also had to do with a chain trying to be snatched, and people having that persons back.”

The incident and the reports have cast a negative light on Young Buck who is currently on parole.

“I ain’t have one bit of anything involved in this situation even nobody around me,” Young Buck said “I was there when the shots rang out and I got the fuck out of the hotel like 'oh shit.' I come up out of the lobby and shit and I see the damn nigga laid up in the elevator and shit. We got in our bus and left. It wasn’t a situation with anyone in my crew. That fucked me all the way up. I’m on parole, my parole officer and lawyers [were] calling me."

Nine Seattle area men were arrested and detained, as they attempted to flee the scene of the shooting and dump their weapons in the process.

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