Christian Group Urges 50 Cent To Stop Wearing Cross; Manager Calls Request 'Absurd'

ImageThroughout his career, 50 Cent has stood toe to toe with a number of rappers during various battles.

But now, the G-Unit leader has a new opponent in the form of a Christian group that wants him to stop wearing his diamond-covered cross.

The Resistance, a nationwide Christian organization focused on preserving Christian values in the media, is taking issue with 50 Cent for wearing the large cross as a fashion statement.

For the organization's founder Mark Dice, the cross contradicts what the rapper is saying in his music.

“50 Cent is no Christian, and if you listen to his lyrics it becomes clear that he is more of a Satanist than anything” said Dice, who offered what he feels is a better choice for 50 to wear.

“He is defaming the cross and committing blasphemy by wearing it while he raps about killing people for no reason because he’s a big bad ‘gangster.’ I think a large diamond studded platinum satanic pentagram would be a little more fitting for him” Dice said.

50 Cent's cross has been noticeably visible in photos, as well as concert performances and the album covers for his releases Guess Who's Back, Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre.

"We aren't aware of this absurd request," Violator CEO/50 Cent's manager Chris Lighty said. "They should look up our charitable deeds before casting a stone. This is entertainment and no one is forcing them to listen to the music or watch any of the videos. It's an individual choice."

50 Cent is the latest entertainer to draw criticism from The Resistance.

In 2005, the organization labeled pop singer Jessica Simpson a “singing stripper” and called for MTV to pull the video for her song "These Boots are Made for Walking."

Most recently, The Resistance has been in the news for urging Duke University to change the name of their sports teams from the Blue Devils to something not offensive to the Christian community.

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