Young Buck After Party Turns Violent, Nine Men Arrested In Connection With Hotel Shootout

ImageAn after party for G-Unit rapper Young Buck took a violent turn in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday (Apr. 28), when a shooting broke out in a hotel parking lot, resulting in the arrest of nine men.

According to police, Young Buck headlined a concert at a local venue named Club Paradise.

Young Buck allegedly announced that an after party was taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn and over 50 people followed the rapper back to the hotel.

According to the Tri-City Herald, police are investigating reports that a fight broke in the parking lot between members of Young Buck's entourage and rival rappers, resulting in the shootout, which left other hotel guests terrified for their lives.

Witnesses said they heard shouting and people running down the hallway of the Hilton Garden Inn around 2:00 am Saturday morning.

Police were called to the hotel a short time later and while officers were on the phone, they reportedly heard gunshots in the background.

At least six shots were fired by two weapons.

Sgt. Scott Child said one bullet pierced a window and went through the hotel exercise room, before lodging above the numbers of a room, which was occupied by two guests who reported the shootings.

Two other bullets struck nearby vehicles, including a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz.

Police arrived and found a Las Vegas man injured with a single bullet wound to both legs. He was treated at Lourdes Medical Center in Pasco and is expected to be released today.

According to police, people involved in the shooting fled the scene in a white limousine, followed by an SUV.

Both vehicles were stopped near Interstate 181 and police arrested 11 men.

One of the drivers was armed with a gun and police say they allegedly witnessed other occupants throwing weapons from the vehicles.

At one point, police said they had detained 28 men in connection with the shooting.

Nine Seattle area men were charged with with failing to report a crime and were booked into Benton County Jail, where police will charge those detained with various weapons violations.

Sgt. Child would not reveal if Young Buck had been arrested or detained in connection with the shooting as of today (Apr. 29).

Sgt. Child's also said a number of witnesses involved refuse to cooperate with detectives.

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