Talib Kweli Addresses 'Girl Slap' Rumors

 Rapper Talib Kweli finally addressed the rumor mill, during a recent appearance on "Miss Jones in the Morning" show on Hot 97.

Earlier this month, mill was in an uproar, stating that the rapper was embroiled in an argument at an event at 50 Cent's Connecticut mansion and his girlfriend slapped him, causing him to cry.

He denied the account.

"I was at 50's house and I got into an argument with my girl and it got physical. Wasn't nobody going into a room and crying. I'm a passionate dude and sometimes women get passionate," Kweli said on the radio. "She got out of pocket and she got checked. It was an ugly situation for both parties and it didn't make either one of us look good. I'm glad its over with."

The rapper admitted that the argument had started prior to arriving at the 50 Cent rapper's home, but boiled over after the couple began drinking.

"[Alcohol] had something to do with it," he admitted. I got passion in my life and sometimes, as a result it bubbles over. If you are in a relationship...yeah, she was out of pocket for that."

Nevertheless, the rapper emphasized that the relationship hadn't suffered to the point where he would split with his girl.

"That was something small compared to the relationship," Kweli said. "She wasn't trying to play me. She was upset and something I did so she was being disrespectful, because she was upset about something that had happened before."

He said days after the incident, he began getting pages from friends.

Talib Kweli's is set to release Ear Drum, his first solo album on Blacksmith Music.

The album is set to drop on June 19.

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