Young Buck On Rumors of G-Unit Break, "Don't Ever Think That 50 Cent & Buck [Are] Falling Out"

ImageWith rumors of Young Buck leaving G-Unit quickly spreading, the Cashville rapper caught up to stress his allegiance to 50 Cent and his crew.

Talks of G-Unit imploding has been circling around since 50 appeared on Miss Jones' morning show on New York's Hot 97 radio station nearly two weeks ago. During the interview, Fif told listeners that he put Buck in the same place as The Game for attempting to make peace with foes like Chuck Taylor and Jadakiss. After keeping silence, Buck has resurfaced to assure that he's still a G-Unit soldier.

"I ain't going nowhere, man. I'm G-Unit to the bone gristle. What he [50] said throughout his interview was pretty much what he was trying to say when I had my interview with Angie Martinez," Buck said. "I gave my direct answer which was any man putting his hands on a child, I'm not with it. But I didn't say it in a sense to say [Tony] Yayo did it. I think it got related to people the wrong way, so 50 cleared that up."

"50 at this point is my boss and I could never kind of beef with my boss or ever turn my career into that mode," Buck continued. "I think if I played the note of going against 50's word or disrespecting 50 in any kind of way, then he really would be putting me in the situation with Game. But to me, it's just about accepting it and moving on because I already know that we're brothers from another mother, so we got this family feel that only we understand. Don't ever think that Buck is not a part of G-Unit or that 50 and Buck [are] falling out. You'll never get that."

Fif's shocking declaration stemmed from an interview in which Buck told Angie that it was wrong for any man to put his hands on a child. During his stop on Hot 97, Fif also told Jonesy that he wasn't sure how Yayo, who has been accused of back-handing Jimmy Rosemond's 14-year-old son, felt about Buck's comments.

"Sometimes the communication goes dead for a moment and that's what happened. That's why you get 50 saying he's not sure, cause there wasn't no communication," Buck Marley explained. "There will never be a problem to the point where Buck and 50 fall out. Not even with just 50, with me and my crew period."

Heads have also been looking to hear Buck's take on Game's "Body Bags," a G-Unit diss he released barely a week after calling a truce with Buck. [Watch Video Here]

"It was funny cause the conversation that me and Game had, it wasn't a disrespectful conversation. When the whole shit went down, it was beautiful for me to see him react that way because at the end of the get a chance to see the bipolar in Game," Buck offered. "And that's what I don't think he realize was that he's letting his true self be displayed. The moves he's actually making on his own are not smart moves because his character, which I don't think is on point when you say real niggas."

"I just think he's digging his own hole cause he won't never get another fucking conversation from me in any kind of sense to have resolvement in anything. Now it's like you deal with the goons the way you deal with them," Buck added. "Anything else, if the nigga keep poppin shit like that, I'ma end his little career through the mixtape world. I ain't even gon let 50 get dirty with this nigga, bra because I'm kinda upset at the fact that I heard the bullshit out of him and I don't know if he's aware that I recorded that conversation that we had over the phone. I ain't gon play with that dude. When I go at him, I'm a go at him and I'ma Ja Rule this shit."

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